Laugh…more abundant!

“Laugh More Abundant”

Do you live in a place where people “talk normal”? It’s a matter of perspective, I know. I’ve lived in Texas, the deep south, the desert, the northeast, Chicago, Korea…all a place of accents. I currently live in a place where many common words can be interchanged incorrectly due to the accents- “life” and “laugh”, for instance.

My favorite of these instances is in the quoting of Jesus when He said,  “I have come to give you life more abundant.”  Laugh- more abundant. (Yes, fellow grammar enthusiasts, be appalled.)  Life is hard, but it is better when we laugh through it.  I personally think that laughter is a matter of having a life that is more abundant.

Many of you reading this have encouraged me to do stand-up comedy or write down some of the colorful instances of my life. Hence, this blog is partially your fault. I accept your apology.

Some bloggers offer advice, instruction, and practical information on skills like mothering, couponing, photographing, cooking, or sewing. Some bloggers give glimpses into their lives in the form of deep, meaningful blogs that challenge and motivate their readers to click away as better people. This is NOT one of those blogs. This is an exercise in succumbing to peer pressure. This is an attempt to make life’s stand-up comedy into sit-down-reading. THIS is a sometime frightening glimpse into the mind and heart of an off-kilter Christian, Texas mother who is just sharing a different view on life that I choose to see as hilarious. Join me for moment of lighthearted revelry- it is GOOD to laugh.

Jesus said he came to give us life more abundant. Life should be full of laughter- so join me as I laugh-more abundant…ly.



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