Life is a Musical


My beloved college roommate and Ko, an outstandingly witty, intelligent, fun, Christian girl that I miss every time I need to pick out a cute outfit, coined a great phrase our junior year: “Life is a Musical”. In our case, it was musical theater. We were good. Very good. The show ran on for 3 seasons.

Many people wish life had a soundtrack, and some people really hear one. I think the guy on the Austin Dillo bus was one of those people.

Since my hubs hasn’t been home in the evenings this week, I’ve taken great joy in turning the station from kid songs to something else and just enjoying solitude. Tonight I’ve enjoyed oldies from the 50s and 60s as I unwind and involuntarily let the day playback on my mind’s movie screen.

I soon realized that each of the songs on the list thus far could have been synced up to a scene from the last few days. For instance, I make it a point that no matter what is happening, if Johnny B Goode or Johnny Angel start playing I immediately pick up my son (Johnny) and dance with him. He giggles. I smile and sing. We have a moment where it’s just us in the world.

Here’s an actual playlist of today’s songs. They nicely echo what was happening in the home mom of a lively renegade today.

Morning diaper of a very fussy, snot-nosed protestor- “Twist and Shout”

When the escape artists bolts, leaving me holding his pants- “My Little Runaway”

Realizing he can open the pantry and hearing a loud crash- “For What It’s Worth” (Stop, children- what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s goin’ down)

During cuddle time- “Hold Me”

When I realize he’s turned the thermostat off on our way down the stairs- “Heatwave”

Realizing I will spend summer as a geographically single, pregnant toddler’s mom- “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

Treasuring memories of friends from Fort Benning, “Georgia on My Mind”

When I realize that I have a kid who does to me what I did to my mother– “Momma Said”

That coveted potty break- “Fools Rush In”

Third unsuccessful nap attempt- “Help Me, Rhonda!”

When a toy-extraction results in JJ getting stuck behind the furniture- “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to Keep Me From Getting’ To You”

Lessons in patience and not touching Dad’s things– “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To”

Realizing this is just for a short time- “Momma Said There’ll Be Days Like This.”

When Mom guilt strikes- “Baby, I Need Your Loving”

When my bare-butted child bolts after his bath- “There Goes My Baby”

When my 13 month old baby nearly brokes the ‘looking glass’– “Very Supersticious”

Bedtime (Finally!)– “Goodnight, Sweetheart”

Ending the day with a clean, healthy, beautiful child asleep in his bed- “What a Wonderful World”


As you can see how to the willing participant, life is a musical. I may not have much control over the set, co-stars, script, or plot twists at all times, but I will play my part with gusto.To quote my writer friend, Bill, “All the world’s a stage”- and I am determined to have a Broadway musical.

“So Mr. DJ, Keep those records playing ‘cuz I’m havin’such a good time dancing with my baby.”- Sam Cooke


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