Phantom of the Nursery

My son spent today in a head-on collision with two new molars. He decided that this unconquerable torture new to mankind must be shared. He didn’t make a scene; he put on a Broadway Musical.

Now when things get tough, some people change their tune. I however, change the lyrics. Sadly, today’s victim of lyrical hijacking was the musical Phantom of the Opera.  At 3pm my napless wonder prompted the first song in the off-broadway musical Phantom of the Nursery.

To the tune of the dramatic “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”, I present “Wishing You Would Somehow Nap Again”:

Oh my small, messy companion
What’s that you have splattered?
While I ironed for your father
Honey, what just shattered?
Wishing you would somehow nap again
Wiping the croco-dile tears

Sometimes it seems if I just dream
Your father would appear!

Wishing not to hear your voice again
(Knowing that I always should)
Dreaming of sleep while you just weep
I’d fix it if I could

Passing gas in public, angel
Guilt for feeling mental
In my tummy’s a new companion
So when you kick, be gentle

Grandmotherly fears
“Treasure these years”
“These days will just fly by!”

Wishing I were somehow sane again
Fearing the college goodbye
Try to forgive all I did not give
Don’t Roll your eyes while I cry!
All the memories- no more silent tears
Treasuring these difficult years
Guilt and joy, Join me for a cry

While your dad wonders why!


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