All By Myself…Mom Version

Little known parenting/pet owner fact: We rewrite lyrics of songs to make them about the kid or pet in question. I fall victim to this regularly, in addition to finding myself humming tunes from my son’s favorite shows.    Yesterday, for some unknown reason, a Celine Dion song popped into my head and ended up with a little re-write.  Without further ado, the Mom Version of “All By Myself”.


“All By Myself”

My kids are young
Needed by everyone
Some days are tons of fun
Today’s not one

Stayin’ at home  I think of all the friends I’ve known
When I dial the telephone  Nobody’s home

All by myself
Just wanna pee

All by myself
One time more

Hard to be sure
Why kids feel so insecure
When we close the bathroom door

Tantrums galore
bathroom break
All by myself
Just wanna be
All by myself
A minute more

All by myself
Don’t wanna give
All of myself

They make me old

I’ll miss this time I am told

In a few years we will see

When I’m alone to pee

All by myself
Just wanna  be

All by myself
5 minutes more
All by myself
Just can’t give
all of myself, by myself
When will your dad

Finally walk through that door?

Oh joy, galore

We are all young

But bathroom’s limit is just 1…

It is hard, rewarding, fun

You’re worth it, son

family restroom



One thought on “All By Myself…Mom Version


    you need to send THIS one to Beth Moore! AND you need to teach a parenting class at church….

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