God Made Dirt

A real medical doctor once looked at my mother, infants in tow, and said,” Every child should eat a pound of dirt by age two. Maybe more. Let them be kids, Mom.”

With that in mind, I share with you an afternoon in the life of a not-quite-two year old boy.


Wait until Mom is settling baby brother. Dive into planter that I have NEVER noticed before.


Spread the dirt around. Hit at least 2 surfaces while dropping dirt.


Wipe hands on clothes. Twice. Repeat previous steps.


Throw dirt. Draw in dirt. Wipe dirt. Laugh gleefully until Mom removes the planter.


Go in search of more dirt. Discover a new hiding place.


Radio for back-up.


Circle new hiding place at top speed.


Decide the bushes could use some watering. Hit the sprinkler.


Come inside.

Wash hands. Wipe soap on shirt before rinsing. Repeat.

Circle the ottoman at top speed 11 times.

Realize Mom is holding Baby Brother. Decide Mom is base and decide to make her lap a HOV area.

Generally revel in the joy of being a boy.

Mmmm….God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt. It goes perfectly with my PBJ. Only a few ounces of dirt left, Doctor.



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