Silver Linings in Poop Storms

Here is the thing about the rain…you can sing in it, splash in it, drown… but everyone gets caught in it. Today was a rainy day, figuratively and literally. It was a bit of a poop-storm, also figuratively and literally. Time for the silver lining.

In the past several hours I went from about 65% to 1%. Yep- bitter tasting chocolate level of survival to watered down milk.


That is the time when finding the silver lining becomes imperative. Thus, I share with you the silver lining on a total poop-storm of a Monday. Enjoy.

It’s the first day this week that my boys and I can stay in the house and work solely on the things stay at home moms are supposed to work on—potty training, learning self control over our natural 2 year old selves, and finding out about natural boundaries. For Secondborn, it also meant an extended amount of time to work on strength training for sitting, spoon form and proper muscle form during eating, and tucking knees for crawling.

Storm cloud: Naturally, the baby had to sob and cry about teething all day long.  The older one had to act like sitting on the potty would electrocute him.

Silver lining: It is the first day that I can STAY HOME with my boys all day. ALL day. No appointments, therapies, hauling gear, packing snacks, or dreading 40 minute waits in offices. I could just play with the boys all day! Visions of Pinterest parenting sprang forth. Furthermore, Secondborn’s crying if he isn’t held comes from the fact that there are extra hands around. Since we arrived in Texas, my family members have not only held and loved on the boys, but helped me work on the areas they struggle in. I have already seen huge progress in both boys.

After a day of each boy sobbing in turn, we hit ‘The Witching Hour’ like hitting Austin traffic during rush hour. You just want it to get over with, you move through it slowly and it seems to take longer than necessary.  In the middle of the chaos of mothering two inconsolable boys, I heard the faint sound of an incoming Skype call over the sound of two discordant pitches of crying. After two minutes of seeing my beloved man, the computer screen turned black.


I realized that although I had plugged the charger in, the pieces had become unplugged when someone too short to ride the roller coasters tripped over it.  Once everything was back up and I called back, the one in potty training mode decided started dancing. Holding the laptop like a waitress holds a tray, I turned the computer for my man to see the baby while I wrestled the 2 year old onto the potty.  He is in the “I don’t want to go in my pants but I don’t want to sit on the potty” stage.  We strained to hear each other over crying and the sound of a mower outside long enough for my man to say goodbye.

Storm Cloud: It’s hard enough to communicate and have a decent conversation with two kids under three in the same house. Add in the other issues of internet connections, military ‘fun’, etc… yeah.

Silver Lining: I got to see my man. He got to see the boys and get a dose of what real life is like with the boys. I saw his smile. It’s still pretty dreamy.

Secondborn was gnawing his hand off by this point, so I buckled him into the high chair. The other one ran after me and started crying for everything but a ride in the Popemobile. Cup! Food! Dad! Cheese! Anything that pulls your attention away from the baby! Halfway through feeding Secondborn I looked over to see Firstborn dancing, squatting, and grabbing. I made a mad dash back to the potty, leaving the spoon in the baby’s food. Two minutes later I returned to this.


At this point I might have gone into the motherhood war cry of “Crap! Crippity crap crap CRAP!”

Storm Cloud: Extra messes multiply exponentially. My child will probably skip declaring that he has to go potty in favor of shouting, “Crap!” Oy. Motherhood oops moment.

Silver Lining: A month ago, Secondborn wasn’t able to swallow food without difficulty. Now he is not only eating well, but is grabbing the spoons, playing and is unabashedly asking for seconds. I’m another day closer to potty training. Nobody died. The rendition of my “Crapptiy crap song” lured my dad into the room to help.

As you might imagine, the immediate need for a bath moved the food fight to the tub. After getting the water temperature right, Dad brought me the baby. As I took the baby’s diaper off and moved him over to the tub, a little something fell out and splashed into the potty.

Storm Cloud: No one ever sees those awesome mom-moves. Also, poop is gross no matter what.

Silver Lining: At least one of the boys got his poop in the potty today.

Firstborn really loves bath time. As soon as I got the baby sudded up, the pitter patter of middle-sized feet behind me.  Suddenly I had two babies in the bath and was diving to get the little one out of the way while holding the other one from grabbing the shampoo bottles to make a tower.

Storm Cloud: Babies are slippery when wet. Baths can be dangerous and I was trying to get my bull and china doll out of the porcelain.

Silver Lining: We all came out clean and smelling like a rose. No more tears, y’all.Again, nobody died.

Once everyone was fed, dressed and fed, everyone calmed down a little. At that point my mom arrived home from work and did her grandma-gush over the boys. It was just what I needed to keep from going nuts.  By the end of the night everyone was happy, exhausted, and deserving of cookies.

I ended the night with a 2 year old that learned the art of apology.


A man who can bring you a Diet Coke at the end of the day is on his way. One day he may even go potty by himself…and let me go by myself too. If you’re going to have a poop storm, find the silver lining.

rain boots

On every flower a little rain must fall…and a whole lot of fertilizer.


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