I Dreamed A Dream of Naps Gone By: Mommy Reprise

There was a time when kids were kind
When their skin was soft
And cuddles inviting
There was a time when they would nap
And free time was mine
The prospects were exciting
It was nap time
Then it all went wrong…

I dreamed a dream in time gone by

A nap had come

It was life-giving

They slept instead of asking “Why?”

When rested I am more forgiving


Because they’re young I’m so afraid

My efforts would be ignored and wasted

Would they just one time stay asleep

While my lunch sits and waits to be tasted

Then the UPS man rang the bell

He woke my children from their slumber

Tearing  silence all apart

Delivering sorrow without shame


Sandman was finally on my side

The boys were snoring! Finally under

He ding-donged ditched, not breaking stride

And he was gone when crying came

“Sleep when they sleep” they say to me

With two kids that happens…never

A rested mom there cannot be

Delivery Man, get it together

I had a dream nap time would be

So different from this hell I’m living

Sleepless nights, no naps it seemed

UPS has killed the dream we dreamed


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