How NOT To Climb A Tree

To state a few obvious things, I am a female. I am also the mother of two sons. Boys get a lot of their “boyness” naturally, but much of it is learned. Fathers and males play a crucial role, but the fact is that a mother teaches a boy many things about being a man. While my mother spent a large amount of time keeping my brother from mooning the neighborhood, gasping as he jumped off the high dive, etc. She also was the one who taught him to catch and throw a baseball, coached his baseball games, and cheered him on.

As much as I try to keep my sons out of trouble, I also try to encourage an adventurous spirit and a fair amount of trouble making and dirtying up plenty of good clothes.

Today’s lesson:

How Not To Climb A Tree

Step 1: Scope out a good tree


Step 2: Check the limbs for sturdiness and accessibility.


Step 3: Pull up on the branches and push up with the foot for height.


Step 4: Realize things never quite go to plan. Get stuck.


Step 5: Grow increasingly agitated and yell until Mom comes to the rescue.


Step 6: Look to Mom for reassurance. Immediately try again, only to have to wait your turn because Mom has climbed up the tree to show you how it is done.


There you have it.

Sometimes the most important part of being a woman teaching a boy is wanting him to stay safely on the ground, but choosing to push him toward  great heights instead.

Now, about the jumping from great heights thing… well, I’m still a mom. Here’s to wrinkles and white hair.



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