Sippy Cup On the Shelf

This Christmas has been unusual. We’re not traveling, the kids won’t remember much, and I don’t have the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ obligations that come with having older children. I’ve allowed a lot to go by the wayside in favor of sanity. One of the first things to get the motherhood eye roll from me this year is any and all things related to Santa or Elf on the Shelf because frankly, keeping everyone happy, alive, and progressing is enough.

Then we had a little Christmas miracle, courtesy of my two year old. He decided to help me make a little Christmas magic of his own. I’ll admit, it took me a minute to catch on after I found his first one in the toy box. Then I realized what was happening.

Sippy Cup on the Shelf.


Water! Water everywhere but not a drop to drink? Not if Ol’ Sarge McDuck has anything to say about it.

Then it was back to the toy bin.




Sit up straight, Sippy Cup! All of the baby’s hard work will surely work up a thirst!


OH dear, Sippy Cup. Rocking all night again.


Christmas camouflage. Time to step up the game!


All the gang decided to have a hot tub party. Dear me. Time for a good rinse in the dishwasher.

Needless to say, no milk is being left out!It’s so nice when the kids get involved in Christmas traditions, don’t you think? I’ll be honest- I’m glad that this is one thing off my to-do list. Now THAT’S a great Christmas gift.


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