My Incredible Holiday

Today was the first Sunday back from the ‘holiday exodus’. For you non-military-lifestyle folks, that is the only week -two week span where military families can leave the area without being charged “leave time”. Yes, we can’t just go on vacations whenever we want. Most families only get 2 weeks a year and then the exodus. Thus, 75% of the town’s population heads for ‘home’, or at least to other people.

After that, the stories of plane rides with toddlers, sick animals, frozen pipes, jack-knifed 18 wheelers and surprise homecomings pour out when we are reunited. For those like me, who stayed at home, there isn’t nearly that much to report.

However, I’m not about to declare my life ‘boring’. We’ve been fighting through some serious feeding and hydration issues with Secondborn, potty training, etc…but no one really wants to know about that.  I’ll just say my holiday was…”Incredible”.

My weekend…brought to you by Pixar’s The Incredibles.

Speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chocolate eating therapy…

kari 5

Putting out a few fires… literally, actually.kari

A bit of laundry and hide-and-go-seek…

kari laundry

Discovering my boys’ hidden talents…

kari phone

and a few moments of feeling like Mrs. Incredible. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So when you ask me what I’ve been up to since you left, this is what is going through my head.


Please just excuse me. God bless you, friends and nursery workers who just took the baby and smiled when this happened.


After all, during the holidays when we go home, we leave the family we create who help us along the way. Realizing there is another family to come home to, dysfunctional as we can be, is pretty incredible. Welcome home, y’all. I missed you. You’re incredible.


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