World Down Syndrome Day

I love a good celebration, so today is one of my favorite days. Today I celebrate God’s decision to give me a son with more chromosomes than other kids.

When he was little, most people couldn’t “tell” he had Trisomy 21. Soon after his beautiful blue almond eyes, back of his neck, and tiny stature made people wonder. Strangers love to ask about his age, and then seem startled that my 16 month old isn’t walking around or chattering. It finally happened… I was asked, ‘What does he have that makes him the way he is?”

I’ve been pondering that question today. What does William have?

William has Trisomy 21, more commonly called Down Syndrome. He has hypothyroidism, much like many ladies who kiss his cheeks in the nursery.  He has weaker muscle tone, a mind that needs extra time, and a few other features that the extra 21st chromosome brings.

However, William has…

A family who is CRAZY about him…which isn’t hard because we were kinda crazy anyway.

TONS of people who rock their socks for him on World Down Syndrome Day, when we “rock our socks” for Down Syndrome!

:rocking socks photo1-1IMG_8913-1

miranda socks

William has changed hearts. He has taught people to LOOK for those who need an extra hand. He has helped people pledge not to say, “Retard”.

William has made it to the top 10%. 90% of babies diagnoses with Trisomy 21 in the womb are aborted.

Mommy and William

William has strength and resiliency to keep trying, even when it is incredibly hard.


William has a belly button. I mean, that’s pretty cool.


William has learned to clap and celebrate even his tiniest victories.


William has endorsements and support of political figures, particularly Sarah Palin who is also the mother of a son with Down Syndrome. (Regardless of politics, I have UTMOST respect for what she endured during the campaign while going through the first year with a son with DS. It was the most challenging I’ve ever been through.)


William has helped raise money for research on Alzheimer’s, congenital heart disease and other issues prevalent in the DS community with Buddy Walk.



William has a bright future.

William has YOU and the world we make for him. Happy World Down Syndrome Day to all those who have a little something extra in their lives because Will is in it.


One thought on “World Down Syndrome Day

  1. Ah, just seeing this or I would have put on the crazy socks today too! Awesome post and an even awesome-er kid (who has a pretty stupendous big bro!)!

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