The Prince and the “P”

It was an average Saturday morning. I was busily feeding the baby when ‘the call’ rang out from Son 1’s bedroom.

My husband bellowed:
“Honey! I need back-up. You need to come see the bed!”
I sighed and reached for a towel. I pondered the necessity; would a hand towel do it or did I need full size? New sheets? Hazmat suit?
With a fortitude summoning sigh I yelled, “Big or little?”
“Um… both.”
“Both? How can it be both?”
“There are two pees”.
Ridiculous. There is no time for this! I grabbed the bottle of vinegar water and started up the stairs.
“Sprinkle or gully-washer?”
“Just get up here.”
“Catholic baptism or full immersion?”
“Just bring the camera. You don’t need a towel.”
WHAT in the what?

My son had indeed gotten some “p” in the bed.
Big and little.

IMG_0681 IMG_0682

Sorry, Husband. You were right. (It is now on the internet. You’re welcome. )

Cute, right? Wrong. This is a habit.
He tried to hide it at first.

Now he is bold and brazen.


Now we are finding “P” in OTHER people’s beds.





He doesn’t do this with ANY OTHER letters. He is not currently peeing the bed, either. Well, he is technically.

Here’s to my Prince and the “P”.  Long may you reign. Actually, no. Stop immediately.




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