Let’s Get Physical…and Spiritual: A lesson from PT

Over the decades many trendy work out plans have graced us with their presence. I myself have fallen prey to Buns of Steel, my mom’s old Jane Fonda tapes, Tae-Bo and even Zumba.

get physical 2
Now physical fitness is more along the lines of physical therapy. The Conqueror’s low muscle tone makes basic movements hard to master. Imagine going through life with 30 extra pounds on your limbs while learning to crawl, walk, clap, etc. (Parents, it’s a lot like walking with kids on your legs.)

The past two months have shown more dramatic results than The Biggest Loser. The Conqueror has gone from not being able to sit without support to total independent sitting, reaching, spinning on his booty, rolling a ball to play catch and oh, so much kissing. I’ll thank you church ladies for that. It has been TOUGH. It’s a fight. It’s a real work out and test of strength to all limits.

This week we continue to work on hip support and crawling skills. I thought I’d share our important life lessons with you.

Step 1: Try to escape the upcoming stretching and strength building in any way possible. Beg, plead and try to distract yourself, all the while knowing what is coming must be faced.

Step 2: Prepare for the work-out. Stare down what’s coming. Go for intimidation. Diaper-filling is also an option.

Step 3: Be forced into the correct pose with good form. In this case, it is the crawl position. Make sure escape is difficult because you will want to escape very, very soon.

Step 4: Press on. Go through it. Work it. Feel the burn. Strengthen. Hate every second but be glad you are doing it simply for the end result.

Step 5: Look around for help. Wonder why you got into this position in the first place. Look for an escape or solutions to end the pain. Look to the one who put you here and pitch a fit.

Step 6: Scream and full on lose it. Then keep at it because, in the words from “Officer and a Gentleman”, “I’ve got nowhere else to go!”
(I believe Peter once said something similar to Jesus. “To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life!”)
Step 7: Repeat the exercise until one day you realize you are done with the exercise. Your muscles are strengthened and the once impossible move is now not only possible but part of the daily routine.

Step 8: Recovery. Remember and treasure the painful process. Actually thank the coach who made you do something you didn’t want to do. Then realize that it was worth it. After all, it isn’t much fun to force your kids into a painful position for their own good either.

That’s how it is when we follow Christ. It is hard. It’s a work out. It stretches, pulls and strengthens us. Press on toward the goal. Run the race to win. Remember the goal. Right now God is using my sons and their challenges to strengthen and refine me. Little by little the flab of sin, selfishness and impatience is being chipped away. SLOWLY. PAINFULLY. It’s exhausting and doesn’t seem worth it. As I watch my sons do things he couldn’t do last week I try to remember that I am growing in the same way, even when I can’t see it tangibly.

Get the sweatbands out. It’s going to be a rough one but oh, so worth it.


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