Living On The Edge

As Firstborn finished his snack yesterday I looked at what remained; a milk glass teetering on the edge of the table.

I couldn’t help but think that this symbolized life in this house for the past week.
This week had an unusual schedule that kept us barely hanging on to sanity, cleanliness, etc.

Someone accused me of having it together this week. Ppfffht.

Someone also asked why I haven’t blogged in a while. Well, I thought I’d show everyone what ‘having it all together’ looks like during VBS week when there are 4 other appointments for speech and physical therapy on the plate, followed by a family event.

It looks like frozen dinners, leftover hot dogs, and a kitchen that looks like a bomb went off in it.
Note the baby spoons on the floor ALL needing to be washed.

It looks like a total failure of housekeeping:

It looks like 7 loads of laundry, broken dryers and life hacks:
It looks like toy-hiding ability is improving:

It looks like NOT cleaning up so that the most important things still happen:


We all have times of barely hanging on. Things are precarious and sometimes the spilled milk is worth crying over. Case in point: Sunday night popcorn was spilled and then peed on.


Lest I EVER be accused of having it all together, here is the proof. The fact is, the edge is either where we plummet or we fly. It's not always a bad place to be. The edge is messy, but not a bad place to be.


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