Dear Superhero Teachers

My son will go back to pre-school tomorrow. He loved back-to-school night and his new teachers; tomorrow this letter will go to school with him. This is an ode to all the Superhero Teachers out there.

Dearest Teachers,
We are excited to start this school year. It’s not every day that a kid gets to be in the presence of superheroes. I’ve explained to Jonathan that teachers are heroes, but Mrs. Felicia, Mrs. Virginia and Ms. Rosita are superheroes. You have extra- super powers like super-vision. You not only watch my son you see his potential and what he can become. You see what he can do when others see what he can’t. As if seeing through walls, you see who he really is beyond his behavior.
You have super-hearing too. You can hear the mumbles that frustrate normal ears and hear words. You can hear through the yells and toddler attitude to hear deep desires and heart-cries that are underneath the whines.

Your arms are exceptionally strong. They give a child boundaries and strength while also wrapping them in hugs and love. They reach out with joy while bearing the weight of deadlines, crafts, uncooperative kids and the hopes of parents. They hold up others with the strength of Atlas and raise up the ones who are often marginalized.

Your hands hold tiny ones, guiding them to the bathrooms, guide the glue, wipe noses and spills, give high-fives and open doors to new classrooms and imagination. As they wave and shake the hands of others, we know we are welcome and supported.
Your legs stand firm, bend to the level of tiny ones to get a new perspective, run to make World-Series-worthy catches and serve as the perfect hiding place for reluctant and shy ones to duck behind.

Your hearts are big and hold more than the usual heart. You hold treasures others cannot hold. That is why I am trusting you with my son. I trust you to love him and see his best self, even when it is hard to see.

You can change time! You know that the kids go at our own pace and you don’t rush when we need to slow down. You aren’t constantly checking boxes on what they don’t do yet; you can slow the world down a bit to give a turn to those who are usually skipped.
When you enter your room, you are fighting and persevering. As a mom, I promise to stand by you and offer support. I will remember that there are days that aren’t so super. I will remember you need time alone in your lair to regroup. I’ll remember that you can’t be super all of the time and that we are a team. I will do my best to show my appreciation for your super-powers and for how hard you are working. I will strive to help you remember how super you are and how much power you have. You are changing the world and the life of my child– which is what superheroes do.
Looking forward to the adventure,
Jonathan’s Mom


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