Everything IS AWESOME

This is my kid.
jonathan 3
He’s strong-willed and has pushed against me since before he was born. Something happened this week that ranks up there with the Red Sea Parting; my child suddenly went from a terror who always rated “below average” to suddenly above average. My son broke through to “awesome”.

Lots of moms told me this day would come. I didn’t believe them. They were right.
He wanted to go to school. My strong and silent non-talker spoke in sentences. He asked for milk, ate quietly, put his bowl into the sink and handed me his school shirt. He had his shoes at the door and said, “Let’s GO!” Despite a tearful drop-off because he can’t take toys to school, his behavior report went from last week’s “disruptive” to miraculous.

My son had an “awesome” day.
behavior 2

I was stunned. STUNNED. My ‘aggressive’ kid didn’t hit? My loner played nicely, hugged and obeyed? My kid with speech delays spoke clearly and politely, using please, thank you and you’re welcome? He waved and said, “Hello”?
I’m sorry, you must have the wrong child.
My kid was the one who had an awesome day.
The teachers excitedly spouted off the best moments of the day. I was stunned. My firstborn BEAMED. He waved and said, “Bye bye!” and out we went.
I did a happy dance and called his grandmothers. All the people who love my kid through his worst celebrated with us.

I braced myself for the next day. I picked him up and found another report of an awesome day. Then another!
behavior chart

He had the perfect week.
His teachers joyfully reported his obedience and speech. Today a teacher told him to go lie down on his cot for a nap. He said, “Okay!” and did. He was soon asleep.


He ran home and couldn’t wait to tell Daddy. He grabbed the family picture and rattled off, “Dad! I did it!” and a story about the day that I couldn’t understand.

This is not bragging, believe me. This is a moment of pure joy and laughter at something I thought would never happen. I still can’t imagine a world where he is totally potty trained. The fact is, the impossible IS happening. I couldn’t see the possibility of working through our family struggles. Faith without sight isn’t stupid; it is true faith that bears fruit.

For months I have put my son to bed saying, “I love you. I will NEVER give up on you.” Tonight he answered, “Okay, goodnight!”
In my heart, I’ve given up many times. I’ve regrouped and tried again. That is precisely what Christ does with our mess. We are disruptive, aggressive, mean, and non-fruit producing. Then one day, little by little, we start to show our ‘best self’ and our vine bears fruit. We are new creations. Those who knew us before, like Miss Dot in the 2 year old class, won’t believe the change in you. Love doesn’t give up.

The impossible things happen with persistent prayer. When they do, even if only for a moment, everything is awesome.

“Behold, I am making all things new.”


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