The Night Before Momentum Monday

It’s Sunday Night. I usually enjoy an evening of relaxation, a sermon and family time on Sundays while doing some Monday morning preparations. NOT today.
Tomorrow is Momentum Monday. It will start a week of surgeries, new appointment screenings, and add a new therapy to our weekly 5 on the schedule. The following week we will have two trips to hospitals an hour away. Perhaps the trauma of the past year has scarred me. Perhaps it has made me wiser. When I think of an all-day process at our local military medical facility, I sometimes picture what happened in
Not this week, September! No SIR!
This is my JOB, my TITLE, my MISSION. I’m the MOM.

My theory is if I can get enough momentum, eventually I can run down the brick wall that is Monday.
oh yeah

There is no time for worry, what-ifs or wondering when Murphy’s Law will derail the train!

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance! Time to get focused! Get energized! WAR CRY!
keep calm and prep

Tomorrow’s Game Plan:
Pre-Op at 8:10, which is usually when I am dropping Firstborn at school.The Pre-Op should take 2-3 hours.

Obstacles: Scheduled RAIN. Traffic at the military gate. The need to leave the house 30 minutes earlier than usual to drop Firstborn off at school by 7:40 so I can be punctual.

Potential Ambush Points: 1) staff members 2) The child will miss a nap and enjoy poking, prodding, weighing, etc.

Preparations for Ambushes: 1) COOKIES 2) Bring the stroller and napping supplies, snacks and caffeine and comfortable footwear

What this really looks like:
Baking dozens of cookies for teachers and disgruntled employees whose caffeine has not set in, particularly when we enter ‘missed nap’ time.

Relieving stress by continuing family traditions like making homemade popcorn on Sunday nights. The Man-Child literally came in and fed me. Moms really do forget to eat. Add hugs and tickles.

Laying out multiple outfits, diapers, etc. so that changing can happen in one location within 4 minutes. Bag is packed completely, to include Pre-Op papers, military ID, an extra fuzzy planet for the stroller nap and extra food for all involved.

Feeding takes the longest in the morning, so all prep work is done and pieces are positioned so the pump feeding should take only 25 minutes. IMG_2615

I am sure this seems crazy. It’s a morning assembly line.
I am often told “I don’t know how you do it every day.” This is how. I too have a layered, comfortable and cute outfit ready for tomorrow…because if everything in my control is done, I can better handle the things that aren’t in my control. (Roughly 80 %)

My kid is going to be poked, prodded, knocked out with anesthesia (it doesn’t go well) and be off schedule for three days this week, minimum.Those are the ‘easy days’ before the heavy-duty tests start. As I tell the vampires who drain him of blood, “Only one of us get to cry and freak out. It’s his turn. I have to be a rock for him so he knows we have a Rock to lean on.” After over one hundred sticks in two years and regular hospital visits, my skin grew a bit thicker and I learned not to lean on my own strength.

I am one of the proud Momma-Warriors who spends too much time in hospitals with children. Several in my circle are preparing for surgeries, treatments, check-ups, etc. soon. While we may be tearful puddles from point to point, may our children look up and see this on their behalf:

Stay tuned for how it will all turn out.


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