Ear-Tube Tuesday: Can You Hear Me Now?

I’m pleased to report that Momentum-Monday was successful.
We cruised right on into Tube-Tuesday which, all things considered isn’t all that extraordinary. Secondborn had a basic procedure done that is very common; he had ear tubes put in to drain the fluid that is chronically built up in his ear. His hearing has been impacted by about 15-20 decibels, which is the difference between whispering and regular volume speech. It’s like trying to hear while underwater.

Have you ever been underwater and straining to hear something? No matter how much effort and concentration you offer, what is perfectly clear to others just seems muffled and blocked. I’ll admit, the first years of mothering my boys felt a lot like that. Voices of experience would be yelling great guidance but I just couldn’t hear it through what surrounded me. I was trying not to drown in the raging waters of deployments and disabilities. It’s easy to tell someone how to swim when you’re on the shore. The real lifeguards can’t help you without jumping in.

It used to be a struggle to load up the boys and spend a day at the hospital. Now our treading water has somehow turned into a strong doggie paddle. Maybe one day we’ll get into synchronized swimming.

I was up at 4:45 to get the boys up, dressed and out the door by 5:40. We were on time for surgery at 6:00am. The boys behaved beautifully and a friend came to help entertain the three year old for the two hour we were there because he couldn’t be in the surgery prep area. No one was meant to go it alone, especially when it is still dark. Bring a buddy.

My little bundle of “extra awesome” always rises to the occasion on big days. Then again, nothing is ordinary about him. He’ll probably think we gave him super-hearing.

We had a rough wake-up from anesthesia (as always) and got Big Brother to school only ten minutes behind the usual schedule. The Conqueror and I struggled through a day of pain and disorientation but as always his spirit is stronger than his scream.

I get to raise my inspiration. Raising a superhero does bring Supermom moments but more often than not my own weaknesses are exposed. It has taught me to have super-hearing. The noise and distractions are plentiful during the early mothering years. The quiet whisper of the Lord, that “Still small voice” is easily muffled. There is a reason Christ would give instruction and say, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Not all who CAN hear actually listen with clarity. Days like this aren’t as earth-altering as much as heart-altering. We both had some work done on our ears.

Once again my children were used to remind me to listen and quietly strain to hear. Raising my sons has helped transform my mind, my heart and today, my ears. It’s not hard to find inspiration if you take time to listen.


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