It’s a Bird! A Plane! No, It’s A Biopsy for Superman!

Tuesdays have been exciting for us around here. September 30 brought an ear tube procedure, the next Tuesday was a blood study at the UNC hospital and this Tuesday was a follow-up study and a biopsy. Whew, Boy!

When The Conqueror became very sick last year, his blood platelet count dropped. This happens for lots of reasons, such as illness, anemia, etc. The Duke Down Syndrome Clinic (from the Getting Your Dukes Up entry) recommended a blood draw and a low count led to a follow-up. Suddenly we have been whipped into AMAZINGLY thorough and considerate care for my little one. The biopsy is another minor procedure that takes about 15 minutes. The platelets may be produced but just ‘stuck’, which we can see in the marrow. This is a relatively easy appointment, but it required an early start time and some travel two hours north. This is when GOD showed up and orchestrated things. Get excited.

To arrive at 7:00am would require leaving at 5:00 am with a child that can’t be fed before the procedure. Eek. The traffic would be a problem too. Solution?
A wonderful friend I made years ago during days at Fort Benning moved to a different state and then moved again…to the half-way point between my house and the hospital.
She opened her house so that we could have a sleep-over and I could have an easier drive. We had an awesome time and got to laugh until our cheeks hurt.

The Conqueror and I left and arrived at the hospital before sunrise and the day’s torrential downpour. As we got ready, Superman was in great and somewhat sleepy spirits.
IMG_2771 As we had a blood draw and got ready, an AMAZING visitor showed up.

Now, I have an aunt and uncle that live about 45 minutes from Raleigh. They are there when I need them, although today I was find to fly solo. “BUT GOD”.
My aunt called to tell me that she was driving a family member to UNC for a chemo therapy treatment that very morning at that very SAME TIME. LET THAT SINK IN.

After all our military moves and all the timing variables, a loved aunt was going to be in the very same place at the same time. She took an elevator one level down and spent time playing with my son and laughing with me. Christ ALWAYS provides what we need and abundantly more.

My Superman-Conqueror’s blood platelet count rose by 20 in a week. The biopsy went beautifully and he was cared for so well that he didn’t even cry coming out of anesthesia. We were on the way home before noon and didn’t have a problem driving home despite rain and ‘exciting drivers’.

God is so good to us. Our daily grind is full of Christ and miracles. That is how we are made into more than conquerors and mere men become Supermen.


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