Day 1

Today we officially start our fight against AML!
The day started bright and early when a certain three year old decided to decorate his white walls with red Sharpie at 4:00am. It added excitement to the day but we had a great goodbye. I am so thankful for those that will be standing in the gap for my Firstborn!

After early-voting and a frantic search for his blue glasses, we were on our way!
I really can’t adequately describe the peace and protection I felt during the two hour drive. It felt like going into battle well equipped and with thousands of elite, prepared soldiers at my side and surrounding us. I could almost physically feel the prayers going before us, and for that I thank you all.

We arrived at 10am and things never stopped moving! We met the amazing team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, etc. and everyone quickly fell in love with The Conqueror. This was increasingly impressive after his IVs and missing a nap.He was NOT excited about the IV that must stay until tomorrow, or the new arm band he needs to keep it still.

He’ll have an IV overnight to prepare for surgery tomorrow, when he gets a central line implanted between the heart and collarbone. His treatments and fluids will go through this tube. He’ll also have a spinal tap to see if any leukemia cells are in the fluid. The doctor has been doing these procedures since before I was born, so I’m confident. I’ve also found a few folks who had parents in the military. We even saw a “big kid” in a Superman outfit too! This is where all the superheroes hang out.

Even the cranky ones.
We had a few “Murphy’s Law” moments and some crankiness, but overall we are well and comfortable.
Today was more of a whirlwind than anything, but the blessings are abundant. For now I must grab a few hours of sleep before the IVs are changed and diapers are weighed. Conquering takes a lot of work, you know!

We love you all very, very much.


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