Day 2.5: We Like The Night Life

It’s 3:00am! I know a few of y’all are awake right now either because you live overseas or have babies in the house and some of you are insomniacs with a love/hate relationship with infomercials. It is strangely comforting to know we are keeping watch together.
Honestly, we are getting used to the sounds of beeping monitors and sleeping through the nurses’ checks. At the moment The Conqueror and I are in a sleepy stupor state.

Before really shaking off the sleep I was dreaming about a few of the instances that brought me here and realized the beauty of all that is happening. An untold amount of details were coordinated years ago that prepared us for this moment. The relative quiet of the night allows me to reflect and marvel.

My visit yesterday was from a friend from Fort Benning days, 4-5 years ago. The military moved her before the birth of Firstborn, but she drove back to surprise me for his baby shower.
baby shower amy
Picture it: Fort Benning in February. Amidst an estrogen ocean we unravel the saga of her drive and stay with another awesome friend to surprise me. I told her how strange it was because I had dreamed about her the night before! I dreamed we had were in some weird hospital situation and talking, although her daughter was about 5 years older.
She told me pregnancy brain was crazy, her daughter was still little and to have some dessert. She’s encouraging that way, and I collect friends that love dessert!
Yesterday she sat with me in a hospital while her lovely daughter, now 5 years older, told me about her fervent prayers for my baby. The images flooded back like deja vu. My friend absolutely remembered the dream and assured me sleep deprivation wasn’t hitting me yet.. It was an amazing moment.

When my Hero and I moved to North Carolina 3 years ago we really wondered why our orders switched to this location so quickly. We had no idea that we would soon expect a baby, let alone a child with extra special design. As various issues have presented themselves I realize that we are near places with excellent services, a thriving and loving church full of amazing support and we are within the 100 mile distance of child-centered care. It is no coincidence that at this time we are placed near two of the best hospitals in the nation which specialize in care for Down Syndrome and other challenges we are facing.

As I update Facebook I see dozens of friends from all over the world and really marvel at how God has moved our lives. My aunt and uncle live within an hour and visit UNC with regularity while a cousin is close by. A beloved bridesmaid from Texas has traveled worldwide in the past few years but somehow is living in Raleigh this year and has been at my side throughout the past two years. The house we rent is next door to a 30-year retired school teacher with special education experience and adores The Conqueror, requesting ‘dates’ often. Firstborn is in a school where he can thrive in my absence and is currently being cared for my remarkable women who amaze me with their selflessness as my son joins their family.

The list goes on and on. I am certain NO one would choose the circumstances I am in but I find there is no greater peace and energizing confidence builder than to know you are in the right place at the precise moment. It also reminds me I am NOT in control and this battle is not mine. If God is working out all these details, imagine the larger narrative he is crafting! I’m excited; y’all know I love a great story. I can’t wait to hear some of yours!
Mommy and William
Each of you is an important part of this journey. I can’t emphasize the importance of your prayers, encouragement and messages. It is life-giving to this sequestered extrovert! YOU are vital part of this process and I’m thankful you are here for us. We are here “for such a time as this”. The first chemotherapy infusion begins in two hours. Here is to a bit more rest until then!

WE LOVE YOU! (The Conqueror started clapping as I typed that.)


One thought on “Day 2.5: We Like The Night Life

  1. Good ‘early’ morning friend ! UNC is a special place. I’m so happy to hear you have fallen in love with the staff. Be sure to go outside and walk the prayer labyrinth ( it’s near the walk down below the door to Starbucks) . I spent many days walking / praying there before heading into the hospital.
    Lord, I thank you for this family and the strength they pass out to us when they face the challenges. Wow. Again Lord, I thank you for putting a faithful beautiful woman our lives. Lord give her renewed strength and good restorative rest. Even if it is only an hour nap today restore every fiber and cell. I pray they wake refreshed with wild bed head to show for it. Wrap your living arms around W and comfort him today. Ease the discomfort and replace it with joy, unspeakable joy. Lord, be with her hubby and little one at home. Deliver absolute love and peace to their hearts right now and carry them through the day. Hold this family and address their cries. We love you Lord, in Jesus name, amen

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