Day 2

Wow. I can’t believe it has only been 24 hours since the last post. Let’s start with a virtual group hug and collective deep breath.

The Conqueror started his IVs at midnight to help flush out his kidneys before surgery. The day started at 5:00am with a new IV bag and some platelets because his counts were too low today. By 10:00 he was hungry and a bit cranky but the nurses were giving him lots of love. I can’t express how amazingly wonderful the staff is at UNC. As many of you saw, we started off surgery prep with a dance party. A few surgeons and nurses joined in!

Surgery was quick; he had a spinal tap to see if leukemia cells were in the fluid (NOPE! HOORAY!) and to place a central line. What’s a central line? I’m glad you asked.

Rather than put in a new IV every time we need fluids, blood or infusions, the central line is a tube that is placed between the heart and collarbone. It goes directly to the bloodstream, so there are a LOT of measures to prevent infection. He is in pain and will be for a few days, although it is being managed well. Our afternoon didn’t have much eating or sleeping, so things got a bit messy.It was downright ugly for a while, but the prayers and extra pain medications worked!

IMG_2965 Another mom in the waiting room was juggling boys before surgery, so we talked about superheroes and Ninja Turtles (what else?) Soon I got my first “How are you so calm? You are so peaceful!” I should have practiced an answer but in my exhausted state I said, “Jesus!” I got an immediate high-five and a “Say that name again! I know that’s right!” Jesus supplies abundantly more than we could ask for.

However, I have southern friends who believe that throwing in a casserole sure doesn’t hurt. When a crisis comes, they don’t listen when you say, “I’m not sure I’m up to visitors.” No, they barge in with food, chocolate, hugs and encouragement. It turns out to be the best medicine for a tired momma.IMG_2969 A dear friend who is close by brought lunch and hugs, while another one dropped off a home-cooked dinner and some chocolate before new infusions. Shortly after she left we had some feeding tube problems that led to major messes. After TWO full bedding changes in an hour and a dressing change for the new equipment, we are finally resting.
Soon a hall-mate came knocking on the door with her 3 month old who will soon have surgery for a heart murmur. The cuteness of this child is overwhelming. This new buddy has had a very tough time and an interesting life story. Before long she was sobbing and I got to pray with her and encourage her. Apparently word is out that some Jesus-loving, God-glorifying people are on the hall. Praise the Lord! The new-found popularity cuts out time for sleep, but what a blessing to be right where God would have me to be!

Prayer requests:
Pray for the staff here and for the many weary parents and kiddos.
Pray for the pain levels and for our first treatment tomorrow to go smoothly.
Pray for solid, healing REST for our bodies!

PRAISES: OH, so many y’all but most of all THANK YOU to all the supportive warriors we have praying and providing so graciously. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I love y’all “somethin’ fierce.”

Until tomorrow, we are more than conquerors through Christ!


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