Day 4: Dressed for FUN!

We plan on spending a few holidays in the hospital, today being the first. No matter how holidays are celebrated at home, we make our own traditions and celebrations here. A day devoted to kids pretending to be anyone or anything they want to be is a powerful thing; why be normal when you can be extraordinary?
The Conqueror and I woke up to Wonder Woman taking vitals. The Cat in the Hat and some ‘red gnomes’ were doing rounds. Soon after that superheroes started roaming the halls. We aren’t allowed to leave the 5th floor while chemotherapy is being administered, so Superman played with the staff while I sought out the family laundry room.
I soon discovered that people who work with kids have much more fun. I thoroughly enjoyed watching facial expressions when the doors opened and I, dressed as Wonder Woman, greeted them. On the way down the elevator became stuck with the doors only an inch open. Instinctively, everyone looked at me. FYI: Wonder Woman didn’t fly. She does, however, get laundry done!

Soon our very impressive doctor and surgeon came in with great reports.

Soon a great treat arrived: my amazing cousin asked if she could see me and bring me lunch!
IMG_3024God provided family and friends that are local during this year and I am so thankful for it. As we sat a a table near the information desk we watched people pass by; scrubbed doctors, professionals, Supergirl, a Roman, Spiderman, and a man in a full suit of armor. I think he works the knight shift. Soon Superman was up, ready to play, and feeling a little monstrous.
To escape the room we practiced ‘driving skills’, which include balancing, pushing with the feet, holding handles and flirting simultaneously. He did very well propelling for the first time!

He is receiving speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy now, all of which are going well. His energy level is lower and he is a ‘zombie’ version of himself, which is hard to see sometimes.

We weren’t able to go to the party at the Ronald McDonald room, but the UNC athletes visited us and we visited other rooms to make friends. There are some real warriors on this hall and God is getting glory! We can’t take pictures of these little guys but when you see a parade of 2-7 year olds in costume and walking with IV poles next to them, excited for a party it is unbelievably precious.

Today was something out of the ordinary. Today was a day of treats and celebration. It did feel a bit super. I can’t describe how powerful your prayers and encouragement are to us. We feel protected and supported in a tangible way. We will be able to receive visitors soon! I’ll keep you posted. Until later, enjoy an extra special day!


3 thoughts on “Day 4: Dressed for FUN!

  1. Wish we could have brought our “Braver”y to the 5th floor. We love you and know that God has planned this just as He has the past two years. You were supremely prepped for this challenge. You really are Wonder Woman.

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