Day 7: Joy Comes In The Morning

It’s true what they say about dark nights; “joy comes in the morning”.

I received many messages saying that you warriors were praying for a restful and restorative night of sleep for us. God absolutely answered that prayer! Our Conqueror slept in and woke up giggling. It was a wonderful joy to my Momma-heart to see him acting cheerful and without pain again.

God answered several prayers today! Prayers for encouragement were answered through visits from food-bearing friends who blessed me. Prayers for rest were answered when William slept and we both felt refreshed! Prayers for healing were answered with medicines and great care; some of Will’s health issues are starting to subside. Prayers to be an encouragement and witness were answered with several opportunities to pray with and encourage fellow parents with children in major surgeries. I was also able to talk to a nursing student about why I decided William’s life was worth protecting, even with a pre-natal diagnosis that cause 90% of mothers to terminate. Prayer moves the hand that moves the world.

Our day was still busy but we got to have some great play-time! There is a beautiful atrium and playroom on the top floor that is specially designed for the kids. There is even an hour specifically reserved for ‘toddler time’ when they are protected from the bigger children. Today we had a special treat; The Conqueror was able to go to play WITHOUT his IV pole! Yes, for a precious hour he was unhooked from his medicines and fluids. Carrying him without the risk of his feeding bag leaking and getting to play without constant de-tangling was amazingly exciting. He had a delightful time and wore himself out, leading to a very long nap.

The other BIG NEWS is that he is pulling up on the crib bars and starting to kneel! He is able to throw toys into baskets with more accuracy, is extending his arms and strengthening his movements and is really honing those flirting skills.
Soon he was out and about, looking for friends to play with. He even made progress on his riding toy work-out!
We’ve been trying to encourage others with positive attitudes and phrases like, “Don’t worry, that’s just spilled baby food, not poop”. We still have a few cranky moments and a slight rash sprouting but today was a huge improvement.

We are rallying and dressed to impress! God is so gracious to us. He is using all of you mightily. I look forward to more visits and Skype sessions soon. Pray we can continue to spread a testimony of God’s goodness and presence.
Also, check out this awesome door sign made by the amazing Howell family!
William has a HUGE crush on their three month old who also has Trisomy 21 and rocked a heart surgery a few weeks ago. I am constantly amazed at how God is providing through his people.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about “beads of courage” and some of the other things around here that are truly amazing. THANK YOU for fighting with us, Warriors!


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