Night 8: Awkward Moments

It was bound to happen sooner or later. To my credit, I think that lasting a week without completely freaking out the people here is a new record. There have been some minor awkward and face-palm-worthy moments so far, but this actually embarrassed me. I do NOT embarrass easily, as y’all well know. Moments like the chief doctor, surrounded by residents, loudly guessing that you were pooping while they came in are par for the course.(I was picking a wedgie in the bathroom, thank you very much!) Then there is gushing to a nurse that a boy in a bow tie is downright irresistible, only to turn around to see the young resident wearing a bow tie and turning bright red. There was NO saving that one without being insulting or accidentally flirty. These are typical “Kait moments” that keep most of you laughing and listening to my stories. That is why I tell you what happened tonight.

Picture it: A children’s hospital wing. Everything is child-oriented and well done. The food provided is delicious and there are many areas filled with toys and books. There are comfortable places to sit and relax. Free meals are provided by support groups regularly. Parents are feeling the love around here in addition to feeling stress, hunger and fatigue. One thing that is NOT provided around here is an area for exercise.

After 8 days I am starting to get a bit antsy. I am not a workout queen by any stretch, but I had committed to an exercise regimen and held to it for 2 months prior to William’s diagnosis and hospital admittance. All the delicious goodies being brought and sedentary lifestyle is getting to me. I NEED ENDORPHINS!
What I should probably think about working out to relieve stress:

excercise quote

What I actually think about working out to relieve stress:
excercise legally blonde

(That is NOT a commentary on my husband.)

The Conqueror FINALLY fell asleep at 7, which severely limited my ability to exercise without waking him. Donned in loose sports clothes and with my ipod ready, I searched the family rooms. All full. Drat. The last resort was the main playroom next to the nurse’s station. I settled in the middle of the large play area so that I wouldn’t be easily seen or in the way and pumped up the jam.

Our nurse Kathy saw my feet shooting out from behind the kid kitchen as I was doing bike-sit ups and flutter kicks and promptly thought I was having a seizure.

I soon realized that while I was listening to my music and zoning out, several nurses had seen me and been startled. For some reason, standing there sweaty and meeting the night nurse while being told others feared for my bodily well being completely embarrassed me. One middle aged custodian was less polite about this than the others.
He was having a grand time. “I ain’t NEVER seen anyone do that up here. No, surely not. Not once! Hm UM!”

Out of the thousands of parents that stay here for days to months at a time, not ONE parent has ever desperately found a quiet place to exercise? Apparently not outside rooms. NONE of the staff have seen it and many attested to many parents gaining a lot of weight while here. I feel a little better about my form being mistaken for a seizure now. Thank goodness no one saw me dance! This was my night nurse’s introduction to us. Poor girl.

Stay tuned for more ‘Kaitlin moments’. I’m sure there will be many.
William is still resting peacefully after a difficult day. His daily workouts are less shocking and much cuter.
Goodnight, Y’all!


2 thoughts on “Night 8: Awkward Moments

  1. I can sleep now…I laughed until my belly hurt.
    And, there is a gym in the hospital you may be able to use unless rules have changed!

  2. Oh my….this is NOTHING by comparison, Kait!

    Just tell them to get ready for more where that came from! Soon, there shall be horses in the shower!

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