William Turns 2!

In a world where the daily and mundane things are milestones…
In a time when every day is lived one and a time…
In a place where dance moves get the ladies’ attention…

A hero is needed! Not just any hero…a Conqueror! A boy who extraordinary and doesn’t have genetic makeup like the rest of us regular humans…

NO, we need a SUPERMAN!

While no one wanted William the Conqueror to turn 2 in a hospital while fighting leukemia, Superman is taking our hearts up, up and away!

Meanwhile, in Texas..
Owen of Owen’s Old Army Fight and 60 of his closest friends knew their battle buddy needed a boost!
Last year we walked together in the Houston Buddy Walk to celebrate and raise awareness for individuals with Trisomy 21!


This year the 12th man showed just what the Aggie Spirit is all about. From the tallest to the smallest, these Aggies stood and walked for another who couldn’t walk for himself. The Old Army Fight walked for William.
buddy walk 20142

With their blue glasses, extra chromosome and world-changing attitudes, these battle buddies will do far beyond what can be imagined. A box arrived at the hospital containing our Buddy Walk shirts and bracelets!

The video of the Houston Buddy Walk singing happy birthday and cheering on William is on the William’s Warrior page (it can’t be embedded here) but I can’t describe the happy tears it caused.

buddy walk 2014
We are never, ever alone.

Meanwhile, around the time the walk was finishing, William started to have a difficult time. This is to be expected fighting AML, but it is difficult to watch.
This is how William feels about AML.

With the entire family here and a few friends who brought cake (I love those kind of friends!), we sang and celebrated the amazing life and all that has been changed because of it.

I can’t thank all of you enough for sharing this journey, for fighting with us and for walking with our Conqueror. With warriors like you, the battle is ours!


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