Day 14-15: I Will Give You Rest

Folks, the past 48 hours have been vicious.

William has been fighting fevers which means a round of antibiotics. Unfortunately, William is a redhead which means he reacts strongly to medication and it takes a higher dose of pain medication to have the same impact. It’s not a myth; it’s science. The 40+ year doctors here confirm it.

This resulted in a red scalp, itchiness, not wanting to be touched, explosive tummy troubles, mouth sores, and a serious case of the grumps.

My little buddy kept on dancing throughout the day right on through it, as best he could. He nailed the ‘sobbing sprinkler’.

It was miserable. It’s a 2 year old with leukemia; proof of a broken, fallen world.

For the last two days we have prayed for REST. One of the patron verses of motherhood, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest” was taped over the diaper changing table for a year. We prayed for literal, physical rest for William as we gave him doses of pain medication. I tried every mom trick. Finally, around midnight he allowed me to hold him. He finally fell asleep and rested in my arms after a wild fight.

It was a challenging night for the entire hall. Another little girl spent the night practicing her glass-breaking Ella Fitzgerald impression. The poor nurses were flying from room to room. The hall just felt thick with challenge and oppression. Then there was this room…
We were covered in prayer.
A Buddy Walk shirt represented thousands in Texas walking for William and hitting their knees in prayer. An Aggie blanket recently made by a most beloved cousin’s daughter wrapped us up along with the prayers from her church and family in her state.
Our bed is flanked with letters, chocolate and gifts from Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina…
We even had a late-night message date with Will’s internet buddy (and crush, if truth be told) Claire. She also has Down Syndrome and is facing other challenges. She returned to the hospital for inpatient care from a high fever and kidney infection 4 days after open heart surgery. These two smile at each other through the screens and we mommas laugh and compare “the pumps won’t stop beeping!” and “Yours sleeping? Nope, mine either” moments. Pray for Claire and her family!
He smiles and dances when he sees her. That is the joy I get from y’all as well!

God is faithful. Jesus is present. He is with us and so are you.

We are starting off the day stronger than yesterday but still with difficulty.

Several people have asked, “How can we pray? What can we do?”

Right now I simply ask that gifts continue to go to my husband and son at home. The meals have been outstanding for them. Money for gas so we may see each other and switch battle stations helps tremendously as it is a 4 hour round trip from our home to our ‘timeshare’.
Pray we can stay healthy and see each other, particularly the three year old during this season.
Pray for physical freedom from pain and for us to conquer AML.
Pray for our family and our strength in every way. We miss each other terribly.

Most importantly, pray that this temporary trial will not seem so consuming and that we can encourage others here. This is just for a time. Pray that we can keep our sights on the long-term vision while only taking on the tasks for today. If we survive the trial but complain or become beaten down, it isn’t enough. Pray that we can find our strength in the Lord and rest in his presence. We must finish well, serving the Lord and others.

A dear friend and true battle buddy has also started this for Gofundme for us. THANK YOU to those who have contributed, especially the Redus family for their abundant blessing of $500!
We are so very thankful. We are resting in God’s faithfulness to provide encouragement and visitors. We love you all very dearly. Thank you for lifting us up and fighting for us.


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