Day 16: Turning the Corner

Good news! The worst is over for now!

The chemotherapy hasn’t caused the problems. In fact, after the infusions we could go home…in theory… but the reason this treatment is in-patient is because of the risk of infection. As is expected, the usual bacteria on our bodies that are usually benign saw the lack of natural defenses and attacked. Jerks. A basic strain of strep that usually lives on our bodies caused major problems. The solution caused a LOT of pain. The need to keep germs out is why we can’t have visitors with any fevers, ‘little’ cold symptoms, or kids under 12 right now. It’s for William’s protection.


The medicines that are helping fight a basic blood infection cause nasty reactions and William’s reactions were more extreme than others. The good news is, he is 24 hour fever free! All the yucky medicines are gone! The anti-fungal has helped his mouth sores and his tummy troubles are finally easier…

Within 4 hours of the nasty drug being out of his system, William came back!

He began to play and chatter a little bit. Speech and Recreational Therapy came, which was a MUCH needed break. He’s getting sick of being in the same room with me all day.
He was finally feeling up to flirting with the nurses!

He still spent a lot of the day a bit strung out, but he took a LONG nap. We both feel refreshed

Last night we had a visit from the amazing Jennifer, who has been a friend for 8 years and even a bridesmaid in my wedding. How two Texans ended up here is a God-thing; we have supported each other through some unexpected journeys! I asked for help reorganizing our cluttered room and she set to work rearranging furniture and making the place more comfortable. Then she brought back a college tradition…the WORD WALL.


From funny quotes to uplifting words, I love a great ‘writing on the wall’ area. For this season, I want the Word of the Lord to be everywhere so that it is easily committed to heart and available for all to read.

As you are wanting to send things and be encouraging, consider sending your favorite verses! Feel free to send them on note-cards too, so that I can see your handwriting. The personal touch makes me happy. (Personal quirk and memorization tool!)

It is amazing how we have been uplifted and encouraged by each of you. We are isolated and a bit cut off from the world but we are feeling loved and surrounded. Hopefully, the worst is over. Now we watch and wait to see if we can prevent infection and get his counts looking strong! At the end of the 28 day cycle (2 more weeks) we get another bone biopsy to see how things look. If we are holding steady… we might be able to go HOME for a day or two…but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. One day at a time we are pressing on, but every day has a new challenge and a new blessing.
tomorrow is another day

Moreover, his lack of fever means that my AMAZING mother in law can spend her final day here snuggling and caring for her youngest grandson and I can go home for 24 hours to be with my other two best guys.


The 4 hour drives are cutting into our time and budget, so we are SO thankful for the donations that hae been made. They are helping us to stay focused and strong!

We are carrying on! Today feels like seeing a gorgeous sunrise after a long few nights of battle but I am constantly amazed by God’s grace and my son’s perseverance.
Please keep praying for all of us here. It has been a very busy month full of sorrows in the children’s hospital. These staff members need encouragement and prayer– and we are just the ones to do it!


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