Day 19: GREAT things to report!

Good morning!
This is the day the LORD has made! We will rejoice and be GLAD in it…even though church looks like a computer screen from here. Still, two are gathered!

Here is the church, here is the steeple…open the doors and see all the people!

We have GREAT news for today.
First, we BOTH had a great night of sleep and real rest. We woke up ready to praise. The nurses and doctors were happy to see a familiar smile again. He was pretty excited to be feeling better.

His counts are going up! We are watching the infection-fighters and white cell counts and both are steadily getting stronger. If we can get them a bit higher and get them to stay there for three consecutive days… we can come HOME. The earliest day of departure (which is still a bit unlikely) would be this coming Thursday. Hopefully shortly afterward we can go home and have an office check-up for a bone biospy next Tuesday. We may even be able to stay home through Thanksgiving!

That is when William said something new; “Dank you!”

My child can give thanks. How fitting.

Now, there are a few obstacles in the way which means I can tell you EXACTLY how to pray!

First, William’s g-tube that helps liquid foods and medicine go directly to his tummy is looking pretty red and infected. It’s hard to tell the cause, but it needs to be treated. For now that means his nutrition will be through IV and my boys get angry when they are hungry.

We will be doing some topical treatments in an attempt to avoid more antibiotics, particularly the “Vanc” which causes him so much pain. It also means the doctors get to draw on him with marker. He is tickled pink to be an art project.
He is also being a silly boy, smelling his stinky feet.

His counts are still a bit low today. His infection-fighters are at .3 today. We need them to be at .5 for three days before we can get home. PLEASE pray that it happens.

We are so very excited. We can also have visitors over age 12 soon as well. We feel so blessed to have your friendship. We may be far away but we are closer to you than ever. We love you.
Celebrate today!


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