The past three days have been a whirlwind; I am sorry for not posting updates!
We are doing well! Williams’ counts continued to strengthen but we were still far below the .5 ANC level we needed. Wednesday morning was the first time we hit that magic .5 mark, which meant it would be Friday before we could leave. I headed home to have a much-needed 24 hour break, leaving William in the care of my most beloved sister.

I was 20 minutes down the road when I was called back… the doctors were ready to let William leave early! They could see how exhausted we both were and thought it was best that the family be together now that his counts were steadily climbing.
I turned around and a few hours later we were waving goodbye to the lovely nurses and on our way.

We walked into the door to see the Big Brother. Seeing his Aunt walk in the door instead of me, he grinned and said, “Who is it?!” We both received big hugs. It was a hectic evening of sanitizing, washing and getting the medicines in order.

After lots of laughing, playing and unpacking, I was able to put the 3 year old to bed with my husband at my side. I heard him speak more that evening than I ever had before. I am always heartsick that our family circumstances have caused delays and made things more challenging for him. Seeing his resilience and sudden progress makes my heart soar. Putting him to bed was a blast. He excitedly bounced up to give us kisses and yelled, ‘I wuv you!” He went asleep giggling.

Furthermore, my sister makes me laugh harder than any other human being on this planet. Add my mother into the mix and someone needs to deliver oxygen.
Allen laugh sisters
Having that kind of person around heals the heart when the muscle gets stretched. Laughter is good medicine. FIND THE HUMOR!

Being home is overwhelming. It is only now that I realize how exhausted we are and how far we have to go. At the moment we are very carefully cleaning and sanitizing everything. We still have to be careful to protect him from germs and risk of infection. This also means keeping toys and belongings separate from his older brother.

Breaks my heart! Of course, after William goes to bed his big brother likes to steal his glasses that everyone swoons over.
Of course, a farsighted brother means that he wears glasses like my mother.
May he always see from a new perspective because of his brother. What more could we ask for than to see through the eyes of another?

My home is full of cards, packages and meals. I am amazed at the blessings from all of you. In the middle of this torrential downpour it feels like all of you are standing over us with umbrellas and sandbags, coming to our rescue. You have prayed, cooked, mailed and called. I stand amazed.

It is a bit like coming home from a cross-country trip; there were 6 loads of laundry to do (to sterilize what was here as well), lots of cleaning to do, new medicine to organize and hours of unpacking. Hopefully tomorrow we can get back into the swing of things.

It is evident to me how gracious God is to us. My marriage is stronger than ever. My sons are flourishing right now. I feel held in the perfect peace of Jesus despite knowing 9 days from now we will have one of our most difficult months ahead. Jesus is so faithful. The trials allow me to see Him more clearly than ever.
THAT feels like home.


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