Round 2: Back in the Saddle (Day 25)

After an amazing ten days at home, the UNC staff missed William the Conqueror too much and asked him to return.

Before we did, we enjoyed Thanksgiving together, put up our Christmas tree and played in the leaves!

He fussed as soon as we walked into the hospital, so I asked, “Do you want to see your ladies?” He immediately clapped, smiled and looked like this:

We checked into admitting and immediately heard a loud yell, “My BOYFRIEND IS HERE!” The moment I turned around to see the blonde larger-than-life-voiced Mrs. Jean, William was out of my arms and into hers. Everything went smoothly and we were soon upstairs, greeted with, “It’s William” and “William is back!” We even have the largest room on the floor this round! It was a great welcome back to “the timeshare”.

Within a few hours we had seen the doctors and started the first bag of chemo-therapy. Will didn’t feel like kissing anyone after that and kept his lips to himself.

He needed a nap and was fussing, so a medical student coordinator popped her head in and decided to intervene. Soon a dozen medical students were in the room singing “Silent Night” acapella! Will
stopped crying, smiled and slowly swayed to the beat. It was precious.

Here is the plan:
We are already on Day 2 of chemotherapy! He has IV bag type infusions for 2 days and tomorrow will receive a shot. It will be rough on our little buddy for a while; the side effects are the usual fatigue and feeling nasty. High fevers accompany these drugs, so the barrage of medications are standing by. His body will get 5 days to recover and we do the second round of bags and a shot on Day 8-10. In the meantime we are watching the usual congestion, boosting the immune system and trying to rest.
We will be here for the full 28 days most likely; this month will be tougher on him physically but Christmas is a PARTY! We hope to be a home as a family again in 2015!

We are also enjoying having grandparents in town and having lots of fun!

We’ve had dance parties, wagon rides, naps, and lots of ice cream!

We are starting off tired and congested but are hanging tough and already enjoying the wonderful staff. The familiar faces are great and we are excited to see everyone. We can’t say enough about the wonderful care here.

Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that we can get healthy soon! The cold is threatening to take us all down and we certainly can’t afford that delay!


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