Round 2: One Week Down!

It’s December 7; my last post was only four days ago but it has been made clear that I am leaving everyone in too much suspense! Forgive me!

My mother and I held down the fort during the first three days of the chemotherapy but at that point I started to sneeze, cough and sound like a 4-pack-a-day-smoker. As William’s immune system weakens it is essential that infected people stay clear. After only 48 hours we had our first surprise; I was sent home an hour before William had a shot that is supposed to be painful. Driving home I felt the familiar parenting heartbreak– what I desperately wanted and what was best for my child were opposites.

While I drove two hours and fell into bed for a few hours, apparently this happened:

Then a little of this:
Lots of singing, book reading, ball rolling… even a cruise in a new car!

It turned out that William didn’t struggle at all! No major pain problems, no high fever and no yucky medicines! Thank you for your prayers! I appreciate it very much!

My mom soon learned that his care is exceptionally wonderful. His nurses took great care of both of them, the therapists worked hard and made great progress, and they had a great time.

The best thing about William is seeing things from his perspective and seeing things in a new way.

I rested and healed at home and finally was able to spend some quality time with my older sweet boy. No matter where I am, one of my boys is far away. I have the trial and privilege of seeing what my husband goes through when he misses the lives of our boys for months at a time. I tell you that they both grew a foot taller this week.

While I was enjoying the progress of the older son, the younger one learned how to go from his belly to sitting up! He is working on crawling skills, scooting across rooms with ease and even grew into a size larger of clothing. Pardon me while I weep with motherly desperation…

On Saturday we got to spend time together! Even better, the boys got to finally be brothers.

I’ll update more as we get situated; PLEASE continue to pray for us!


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