Round 2: Monday All Over Again

It’s day 8 of Round 2!
This week is a repeat of last week; Monday and Tuesday William will receive chemotherapy through his Broviac central line and then a shot in the leg on Wednesday. His counts will drop next week and then we will see how quickly he can recover during week four.

Unfortunately, nearly half of the hospital now has a cold. Will has been congested and feeling yucky all day. Without a fever, the chemo still has a green light, so it began about an hour ago. Today was basically a day with a sick two year old stuck in one room.

After keeping us up all night…
He finally fell asleep. He is so excited about his ability to sit up on his own that he wouldn’t lay down…until 10pm. He finally crashed like this:

He had one good hour this morning in which we went cruisin’!

The day felt full and yet miserable. We had double portions of Mom-medicine.

We are both starting to feel the tyranny of monotony. Will clearly wants to escape. I showed him that outside was just a rainy day.

He was still pretty excited.

We are just a bit ‘stuck’. It’s not dreadful here but it is still a challenge to see a child struggling. I am constantly amazed by William’s ability to smile through all he is enduring.

We are feeling a bit weary but it is a call to rally. I remember how many people are cheering us on and praying for us and feel a bit more resolve. There are amazing milestones being met and Code Blues in the middle of the night. The glorious and painful are so intertwined here it is hard to separate them. It is hard to carve out time to truly soak up scripture. I’m starting a project to memorize verses more easily; putting notecards with verses about endurance and facing trials around the room so that I can see life-giving words while I rock a baby or spoon-feed applesauce. I’m looking for the Divine in the Daily. I ask for your help– if you have verses of great encouragement, please message me or send them on a notecard so that I can add them to the collection!

We love you, Warriors. Please keep praying that this round goes smoothly and that William’s body will have miraculous healing.


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