Central Line Surgery: Take 2

On our first day in the hospital, Will had to get a Broviac central line inserted. This is the white tube that is used to get fluids and medicines to a main blood vessel and also get blood labs out very easily. They can be yanked out over time and even with tape and extra precautions, Will’s central line came loose. Last night the whole thing wiggled out! This week three of the toddlers managed to lose their Broviacs. We are keeping the nurses and surgeons busy!

We were scheduled for 10am but a few emergencies pushed us back. Without the ability to eat, we had to distract this kiddo! First, one last dance with Aubie before she her flight back to Texas.

Then onto some stretches!

Our turn finally came after 1:00; Will was THRILLED to escape the room for the first time in a week.

The surgery went well but like a true redhead, Will gave the anesthesiologists some grief. He came up swinging and needed another dose.

When we returned to the room Will’s dressing was bloody and he was having a tough time. The amazing nurse tag-team did their work quickly and well while I couldn’t do a thing but listen to the wailing. At this point my dear friend Jennifer offered some reinforcement. She made sure I ate a real meal complete with chocolate and made me leave the room while William was struggling and I couldn’t help.

When all was calm we had a dance party!

He has now played with every toy in the room for over an hour and is feeling tired but unwilling to sleep. I’m amused to think how on Day 1 this was something that terrified me. Now it is no big deal.

The difference between “I don’t know what I’d do…” and “It’s just what we do” is a lot of experience and simply having to do it.

Thank you for the prayers!


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