Round 3 Begins

After 6 days at home enjoying life as a family unit, the hospital called us back. Apparently the nurses were having dance party withdrawals and needed their boyfriend…or something. There may have been mention of chemotherapy continuing– I’m a little hazy on the details.

Either way, William and I are set to conquer our third round of chemotherapy!
We set out at 5:45 and had a peaceful drive. As we drove across the bridge over the Jordan lakes, the full moon fully illuminated blue water against a midnight ink sky. I glanced to the opposite side of the bridge to see brilliant pinks, purples and oranges bursting forth against the black sky; it was a perfectly serene moment.

We even found a perfectly located parking spot open as we arrived on time! Princess Jasmine isn’t the only one who is punctual! (Disney joke… you’re welcome, Taylor.)

After some weigh-ins and unpleasant moments changing the Broviac dressing and taking blood, William and I were released to wait… and wait. It was a FULL house because Tuesdays and Fridays are ‘sedation days’. The place was a beehive of activity; no one was still for hours. Unable to eat and awakened at 5:15, William became a bit cranky.
Volunteers to the rescue! Two hours were spent enjoying new playmates. Hooray!
Finally it was out turn; the spinal tap and bone marrow biopsy went beautifully.
Soon we arrived back in out previous room– the SUITE! He grinned and danced with all his favorite nurse while protesting the wearing of pants. He is clearly comfortable here but also comfortable giving these great ladies a hard time when they take vitals.

After a wagon ride around the center and waving hello like a beauty queen, he took a well-deserved nap, which I assume he is finishing due to the rustle of the sheets I hear. In a few hours his first bag of cytrabine, daunorubicin and thioguanine. All said and done these will last 96 hours and then we wait and pray that he doesn’t have any infections or complications again.

We’ll keep you posted! We’re starting off 2015 swinging!



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