A Little Help From My Friends

I spent most of this week on the home front thanks to some amazing friends.

My dearest friend and I talk nearly every day, punctuated with “Get that out of your brother’s nose!” and “We don’t pee in fire trucks!”, etc. because we are mothers. I have only seen her about 3 times in 9 years. In the middle of all this she did something crazy. She bought a plane ticket she couldn’t afford, left her kids for the first time while her husband used a week of vacation he never gets and came to help me. I am telling you, having your best friend live life with you during a crisis can heal your heart.


On Tuesday night she and William had more fun than I should ever know about while I took a 48 hour pass to be at home with my amazing man. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. This year we decided to do something somewhat unusual because this year has been extreme and stretched us. I have a teeny fear of falling, so my crazy suggestion was to go rock climbing. My man is great at it but I prefer to keep to the ground.

IMG_4324 If this year has taught me anything, it is that the climb is worth it.
I am proud to say that I could see how far I’ve come in charging ahead to conquer my fears this year. Also, yoga pants give me superpowers. I am proud to say I scaled a few walls quickly and without complaint…until I got to the inverted part where one must hang and climb. That is when I turned into a cat clinging by the claws to avoid being bathed. There is always room for improvement.When you’re climbing and hanging on by a thread-even a strong one- the ROCKS are what steady you.
My man is a rock. I love that man. We had a wonderful day and a great dinner at Texas Roadhouse, where we had our first date. The scars and lines in our faces show that this decade was a rough one for us. Our smile lines are deeper than our worry lines, which is something worth celebrating. Our marriage is stronger than ever because we are fighting TOGETHER. Men and women are made to fight. They secret is fighting FOR each other, not against each other and I married one amazing warrior.

Soon after my man took a shift with Will and I got to spend a day with my dear friend. We had a blast. We relaxed, laughed, and even cleaned/reorganized. Oh…and we potty trained a toddler. Some of those activities smelled better than others.

Faithful and true friends are ROCKS. They are ropes. They bring you to base camp. Praise the Lord for base camps like bed times and the best moments in life. Another of those happened this week. I received a series of text messages that started with, “What exactly does labor feel like?” and ended with:

My sister and her husband welcomed my nephew into the world after a long and difficult labor. That’s how life is, you know. A long and hard climb with many wonderful moments of base camp, rocks to rest on and breathtaking views.

Then on Saturday another amazing friend Amy, who is no stranger to long hospital stays and lives close to UNC, offered to let my man and I have another 24 hours together with our other son– something that only happens about 6 days a month. In that time she got Will to eat again after 3 days of refusing food. Boy oh boy did she influence for the better!

Friends are rocks. They steady us. They protect us. In a pinch they can be thrown at attackers. Blessed is the one who has a true friend. They make the climb worth it.
This weekend with my husband anchoring me and my friends supporting me, I realized I could climb and not be as afraid.

Climb on.


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