Flashes of Hope

William Erkkila 003

One of the greatest silver linings in our current fight against leukemia is the abundance of volunteer and charity organizations that love in tangible ways. One of my very favorite is a group of photographers who volunteer their time and resources to give patients pictures of their fight. These are “Flashes of Hope” that we can look back on as sacred stones, battlefield markers and sadly, sometimes the last pictures of our warriors before they are gone.

On one unexpected Friday, there was a knock on the door. Flashes of Hope had taken over the family room to make a temporary photo-shoot area. It was our opportunity.

I was tired. I had forgotten a hairdryer. Will had a low ANC and had fussed all morning. It was actually the perfect time for pictures…because we were in the middle of exactly what fighting for your life is all about. Hope is also about finding the joy and the laughter in what is to come. In the midst of the darkness, there are Flashes of Hope.

William Erkkila 005   A time to just stick out your tongue at life.

William Erkkila 007  A time to look up and ponder. 

William Erkkila 011     A time to hold those close to you and smile.

William Erkkila 015 A time to sit back and revel in the beauty of a true hero at war.

William Erkkila 018   A time to look out at others.

William Erkkila 021  A time to SMOOCH until everyone is laughing!

William Erkkila 025 A time to just laugh from down in the toes all the way to your eyes.

William Erkkila 8x10 002     A time to celebrate a life more abundant and true love.

Sometimes I am so anxious for this all to be “over” and to get on to the next stage that I want to push past this. I don’t want pictures of how tired I look or how sick William gets. Then again, I want to be able to look back at what made us and couldn’t break us. I want proof of what faith is strengthened by. Behind all the junk and how bad we felt on this day, William the Conqueror and I look joyful, full of life, and hopeful. I am thankful that is what was captured in the Flash of Hope.

**Flashes of Hope can be contacted at 6009 Landerhaven Dr, Suite 1 Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

Please send business their way!

IMPORTANT: I can send you copies of the photo but they can NOT be copied or used for anything other than my personal pages and use. DO NOT take them! Ill get them to you if you want them and for Heaven’s sake, don’t use it on anything for commercial profit or I’ll have to hurt you. Thanks.


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