Superhero Saturdays

After a hard week of fighting childhood illnesses, our little heroes get tired! Thus, William the Conqueror has Superhero Saturdays to relax!


Why superheroes? Many of them have different genes. Things that are hard for them are easy for us and vice versa. We aren’t sure we’d want to be like them at first but when they are around, amazing things happen. Extraordinary challenges need heroes!

Today was a very special Superhero Saturday. The East Coast Cape Crusade came to the hospital!


The Cape Crusade honors children battling childhood illnesses by giving them personalized capes and Superhero certificates!


We couldn’t wait! We got a visit from some amazing volunteers which included a special concert! An inspiring teenager named Ryan brought his guitar and have William a dance party.


The volunteers become a second family. We have a little too much fun. These amazing ladies pray, dance, encourage, bring treats and remind us what ‘real life’ outside hospital walls feels like. They are superb hug givers!


Finally, it was time to take my superhero upstairs!

There was a large assortment of beautifully made capes of all sizes hanging ready. Volunteers buzzed and greeted kids. We soon found a Superman cape that matches Will’s blanket and teddy bear. A “W” was quickly stitched on right there in the room and pictures were snapped. It was a great celebration of super-strength, courage, and inspiration for others.


I am unbelievably impressed with the volunteers, charities and wonderful people who pour out their love and time on those who are hospitalized. Many kids who have overcome their struggles return to give gifts and time to those who are here. Struggles teach compassion. Visiting the littlest and the least means the world to those of us in here. Our days are fun and not quite so monotonous.

This afternoon, kids of various sizes and struggles roamed the halls wearing capes. It looks perfectly fitting, for this is a place where my heroes are.


Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s my hero.


One thought on “Superhero Saturdays

  1. ive been following y’all for a couple of weeks now and out of all the things you can scroll through on facebook, William caught my eye and my heart, maybe because im an Aggie too or maybe because he is so darn special, but every day I pray for William and y’all. Everyday my heart fills with his lil face and breaks for his battle. God Bless y’all and keep the faith and Gig’em

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