Real Easter Pictures

Tomorrow social media and e-mails will be inundated with adorable pictures of children in their Easter Best. Bows, bowties, sweater vests, lovely little dresses, shiny shoes and maybe a few smile will flood the “Lying Space”. You know, the space where we crop out real life to show the one adorable photo rather than the 5,094 attempts that led to tears and mayhem?

In the interest of full disclosure and to educate those with perfect children on what family photos are REALLY like with a 3 and 2 year old, I give you… Real Easter Pictures.


First, the rejection of the outfit. He actually likes bow ties, but the suspenders were vetoed at record speed. Then, the aforementioned bow tie gets shown off with a wink. Oy vey.


Meanwhile, all manner of cute hats are rejected out of hand. No hair, don’t care. Bald is beautiful, Y’all.


As soon as the boys sat down, there were little yellow pollen imprints on their clean pants. Whoops. The yellow swirl soon led to a sneeze fest that nearly sent our more unsteady son toppling. My lunge quota was met for the week.


By now we were all basket cases.


Finally, we got a cute pose!


Which started a parade. Note, it is very dangerous to sneeze while driving and squinting toward the sun. ( ALL of our family Christmas cards show squinting, red eyes and some wet cheeks from looking toward the sun to avoid shadows. Family issues carry on for generations.)


Followed by the abandoning of shoes and running a muck.

All this to say, this Easter maybe we shouldn’t worry so much about the outward appearance and just doing it right for once. No, maybe we should all just be humans– kind of messy, kind of sacred, kind of broken and all in need of grace. The message of the cross is a perfect Jesus taking messes and letting us be broken and loved. or “really good” people don’t need saving. I’d rather be the imperfect picture-ruiner that sneezes than the unapproachable picture of perfection that is a white-washed mess.


This is my favorite Easter picture to date. God bless us, everyone.


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