On Resting, Hiding in the Bathroom and Being Productive

If you’re anything like me, you may be reading this while hiding. Let’s face it; moms of young children do their best scrolling, reading and researching while hiding from our children. The usual place is the bathroom of course, but closets, storage units and cars are also good options.

Today I needed to have a time-out and count to ten (do as I do, AND as I say) because my kids are under the September possession. They are exhausted, crying for no reason and seem to be unreasonably pained and inconsolable. They are also falling asleep ALL the time, even while standing up. My 4 year old has put himself down for a nap twice this week. Basically, I am raising toddler versions of pregnant/nursing mothers. All hail Back-to-School. In another month they will be running on leftover candy and holiday-forced-good-behavior.

I decided I needed a moment to breathe and ran to the bathroom. This obvious choice is wonderful because usually moms hold it almost as diligently as teachers and medical professionals. (God bless you nurses with your steel bladders!) This was a MISTAKE.

I tried to take a deep, cleansing breath and then smelled the reality that I am surrounded by males. Thus, I am surrounded by pee. The smell never leaves, Girls. There is no bleach that can compare. Just burn the house down and wish it well. I looked down and saw a small basketball floating in the toilet. William strikes again.

I proceeded to clean the surfaces and floors, wash out the potty chair and get the spare toilet paper roll ready for an ‘at bat’ that is sure to come tomorrow.  After ten minutes my bathroom smelled neutral and was presentable.

Solace is productive. “I took a mommy break” turned into “I cleaned the bathroom”. TAAA DAAA! Even when moms rest, we still get things done! This is much like my ‘mom breaks’ being trips to get groceries without children. Ah, the joys of an unaccompanied tour.

Either I am a mommy-break Jedi Master or I have no idea how to do it. Likewise, last night I watched the LiveVideo of Jen Hatmaker for her book For the Love (AMAZING!) but needed to give my husband room and quiet to study.

I retreated to our bedroom closet and propped the computer on the top shelf, giggling away and reorganizing. By 11 pm the bedroom was organized and I had NO idea how it happened. Ah, positive and productive things happen when a mom can just focus on one area of Damage Control without also being Prevention Services simultaneously.

Take heart, Mommas. Even if you hide in the bathroom to actually-gasp-go to the bathroom, you are still productive and multitasking. May you find rest without finding puddles. I am SO proud of us, Momrades.


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