Noticing Goodness: A MOPS challenge

“Mom! Can you help me find my backpack?” “You are literally staring at it. Your foot is touching the strap.” Sound familiar, Mommas? Sometimes it feels like only moms have the superpower to see things around the house, like laundry, cereal bowls left in the sink, and other things that help us work on patience. They don’t do it maliciously; it isn’t their focus so they just don’t notice.

Likewise, goodness is all around us but we often lose sight of what is obvious. To focus on the good, we have to define what is actually good. Is pulling all-nighter good? When caring for a sick child, yes. Playing games the night before a test, no. This is harder than it looks. The very definition of good seems fairly complex.
Webster defines Good as : 1. having proper qualities 2. beneficial 3. valid;real 4. healthy 5. honorable 6. enjoyable, happy 7. morally sound or excellent 8. skilled, considerate

From brain studies and psychologist to educators and the pulpit, the benefits of ‘focusing on the good’ and being thankful abound! Moreover, if we discipline ourselves to notice the good we renew our minds and make goodness our focus.

God is described as good 48 times in the Bible. Every description of good also fits God. James 2 says every good and perfect gift comes from God. When you see goodness, you see God at work. Many of us have struggled through difficult seasons. When suffering comes, it is hard to feel God’s goodness or Christ’s love even if we know it is true. When my infant struggled through cancer treatments, I had to literally write lists of God’s goodness and mercy to strengthen my faith through the suffering. Looking back, God allowed his little life to glorify him and spread the gospel to people who would never have gone to church. What felt terrible actually brought forth good.

Sweet Ladies, maybe no one noticed or appreciated the goodness around you this week. As you drive carpool, wipe up messes, serve meal after meal (why do they want to eat EVERY day?), break up fights and help find ‘missing’ items twelve inches from the seeker, your goodness IS noticed. The God whose very character is goodness notices and rejoices as we become more like Jesus. THAT is good. When you see goodness in your fellow ‘momrades’, mention it! I am amazed at the excellence and joy at some of you Pintrest Queens and Chef-tresses. Noticing your good doesn’t negate my lack of excellence; it is a facet of the goodness around me. Let’s notice and encourage each other. When moms are focused on a task for the Most High God, goodness is sure to abound. As the Holy Spirit works in us, goodness with pour out. (Galatians 5:22-23) We must simply train our hearts to notice.


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